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Julius Ceasar Cut – Amazing Facts to Know

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“ I came, I saw, I conquered.” These are the words of a renowned warrior- Julius Ceaser. We have admired him in many instances, especially during our school days through the lines of the great Shakespeare.

The glory can never be imitated, but the style? Yes, it can. It is cool to admire the hairstyle of Julius Caesar and his looks. Most of the films that came out as historical documentaries or war films have Ceasar haircuts to depict the story much more realistic. 

The legendary “ Spartans” series would not be a great victory if the characters were not pinned with a caesar hairstyle. I bet Gerald Butler would not have had a great look-alike Leonoidis if his hair is not made for a caesar style. 

Image credits: Google Images

Boasting apart, do you know about Caesar’s hairstyle? Was Caesar a fashion artist or has an avid interest in fashion? No! That is not the point here. But why does Caesar have a forward-flowing hairstyle? There should be a reason, right? Yes, there is.

History of a Historical Cut – Caesar Hairstyle

It was not a lauded hairstyle during the 1st century BC. Julius Caesar has a genetic problem of androgenic alopecia, which is front pattern baldness. He had to pull his hair forward to hide the alopecia that could deteriorate his prestige and image among his people. 

He also has to do so to prevent his enemies from making fun of him or humiliating him by his looks. So he would love to pull his hair a little forward while wearing the crown to create an image that he has excellent hair. This later developed to be a greater hairstyle and the upcoming kings too followed it. 

What Does a Caesar Hairstyle Look Like?

Have you observed caesar cut? It is all even. That is what the hairstyle is about. It is a short hairstyle with even ground on the top, side, and back. But the modern type of caesar hairstyle has upgraded so far that many hairstylists combo-ed it over with other hairstyles – like dark Caesar haircut with the taper cut, etc. It may resemble fade haircut styles, but the caesar hairstyle has its uniqueness and style.

A traditional caesar style would have a little shorter hair in the fringe area, and it would follow it on the sides and back so that it looks less structured and natural.

The caesar hairstyle works great for all those with thicker or thinner hair. But it works out well for those men who have a receding hairline. 

How to proceed with my Ceasar hairstyle?

There are several ways for men to look attractive, but hairstyle plays a significant role. Here is how you can proceed with your caesar hairstyle.

  1. Choose a 0.5 – 2 inch scissor to cut all along your fringe area and in the front area.
  2. Gradually move to the back and balance the cut you have made in the front and the fringe area.
  3. Make sure that the cut makes some justice to the face type. If not, it would look clumsy and irregular.

Give your barber some freedom to work on the caesar style. It may look simple, but it needs dexterity to make it look more handsome and appealing to your face.

Caesar’s style is similar to the french cut, but the thing in the french cut is that the fringe area and the backside would be drastically different

Trendy Caesar Hairstyles in 2022

You know what, there are various trendy hairstyles that the modern caesar hairstyles are updated with.

Some of the best ones are given below

  1. Ceasar cut + Taper cut
  2. Dark Ceasar haircut + Undercut
  3. Ceasar cut for curly hair
  4. Ceasar cut +side parted hair
  5. Ceasar haircut for layered hair and short hair

Image credits: Julius Rodrigez – Pinterest.com

Caesar Haircut for Balding Men

Image Credits: Google Images

It is more common to have a receding hairline (androgenic alopecia), and you would have read many natural and clinical treatments to hide them or regrow hair. But caesar’s haircut comes to the rescue. Caesar haircut is exclusively for men with a receding hairline that you can trim or neaten your sides and back and cover your front by pulling your hair forward. This will give you undeniable confidence as it provides a masculine look than you expected.

You Know What?

Mark Zuckerberg has a caesar hairstyle with medium-trimmed hair neatened on all the sides and the back with front hair pulled forward.

Image credits: BBC.com

Final Lines

You could get your Ceasar style cut irrespective of your hair type, but the thing is, you have to get to a professional barber who can make you look like Caesar. So, why wait? Get your caesar haircut and roam like a roman.

Frank Adonis

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