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How to make a Homemade pull up bar?

How to Make a Homemade Pull Up Bar?

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You could have admired many people who develop amazing upper body strength. It can be made possible with a variety of gym workouts, but pull-ups play a pivotal role.

Pull-ups are the best when it comes to building upper body strength, and you know it. You can create your home gym by investing in high-quality gym equipment. But if you are thinking minimalistic, a diy pull up bar is the best option.

This blog will guide you on how to make a homemade pull up bar with minimal investment.

Types Of Pull Up Bars

For creating a homemade pull up bar, you should know what type of pull up bar you are going to create. Here are some common types of pull-up bars

  • Door pull-up bar – This type of pull up bar does not require much space. It is an excellent option if you have access to your door frame. Simply attach one end of the bar to your doorway and place a weight on top for resistance.
  • Wall-mounted pull-up bar — If you have some horizontal space in your home gym that isn’t occupied by furniture or other equipment, this is an excellent option for building a practical pull-up bar at home! Your wall can be used as the backrest and handles for any combination exercises — from chin-ups and pull-ups to leg raises and inverted rows (if desired).
  • Doorway-mounted pull-up bar — It is slightly different from the door pull-up bar as it is mounted outside the doorway, whereas the former is mounted in the doorway. This pull up bar style helps you save space and work out in the enclosed doorway. Just attach one end securely against any door frame around 30 inches wide, then slide off onto the top surface whenever needed without disturbing anyone nearby.
  • Freestanding Pull-Up Bars — These pull-up bars can be placed on any surface. You can move these bars around your yard and house to work out where you need them.
  • Floor-mounted — Floor-hung pull-up bar works well in an outside space. To create a working area in your yard, you can mount the pull up bar into the ground. Secure it with cement.

Now, let us get started to know the steps to make a home pull-up bar

Step-by-Step Guide To Build A Pull Up Bar At Home

Building a homemade pull up bar involves only seven steps. Before getting into construction, you will have to fix three priorities. They are

  • Right materials — Pull-up bars can be made from just about anything — from steel to wood — but if you want something that looks good and lasts, chooses metal or stainless steel. The best part is that these products can easily be found online or in local hardware stores.
  • Right tools – When it comes time for construction, you’ll need all kinds of stuff: Flanges, screws, an electric drill, etc.
  • Right Location — Choose the right location to fix your pull up bar to avoid strains or injuries during the exercise.

Freeze these three, and building a diy pull-up bar will become never easier. Let us see the three steps in detail.

Gather the right materials and tools

You’ll need the following:

  • A strong piece of wood/pipe/metal bar, preferably a 2×4 or something similar. If you prefer a metal bar, a piece of a metal bar with a similar length and width ratio is essential.
  • A saw to cut the pull up bar material to the measured length.
  • Flanges (four in number)
  • Screws to fix the flanges to the wall to mount the pull up bar
  • A drill with a bit that fits the material you’re drilling through (this is important!)

Choose a location

After deciding on your pull-up bar type, it’s time to choose a location. This can be tricky because you want to make sure that the bar is stable and safe while still having enough space for you to do pull-ups.

If possible, hang your pull up bar at eye level so it’s right in front of where you’ll be doing most of your exercises. This way, when doing a chin-up or other exercises, there will be less movement between each exercise because everything will appear as if they’re taking place at exactly eye level.

If this isn’t possible due to limited ceiling height or lack thereof (like mine), then try hanging the bar somewhere high enough so that no matter what type of exercise you are doing.

Whether it be dead hangs or rows — you can still see yourself clearly above your head without straining too much from looking down during each rep/set.

Here Are The Steps To Build Your DIY Pull Up Bar

  1. Measure and fix the length and height of your pull up bar. Make sure the height of the pull up bar is at your preferred reach above your head. This will allow you to have enough space and do your pull-ups without any interruptions.
  2. Once the length is fixed, use the saw to cut the pipe/bar to the marked length.
  3. Place the flanges at the bar ends and mount it to the wall with screws and drill.
  4. Make sure the bar is level and securely fastened to the wall or other support structure.
  5. Now it is time to test the bar! -Do a “shake” and “weight” test, inspect the attachments, screws, and flanges, and make sure they are secure and stable to the wall. If it is a door-mounted pull up bar, ensure the pull up bar does not interrupt the door pathway.

Note: If you want to create a modified pull-up bar, here is how CDC suggests how to make one!

How To Build An Outdoor Pull Up Bar?

Building an outdoor diy pull up bar is similar to the DIY pull up bar, but with one exception – You will need brackets and concrete to hold your pull up bar steadily.

Steps to build an outdoor pull up bar:

  1. You will need an 8 feet long pipe or bar, two metal brackets, concrete, saw, drill, and screws.
  2. Measure the location and cut the bar/pipe to the desired length.
  3. Connect the metal brackets to the pipe/bar and mount them at the location and apply concrete to seal the placement. Wait for 24 hours for the concrete to go dry.
  4. Do the stability test – Shake test, Weight test, checking the brackets and concrete, and the stability of the bar.

What Is The Best Diameter For A Pull-Up Bar?

It depends entirely on your preferred thickness of the pull-up bar. According to the experts, 1.25” is the best diameter for a standard pull-up bar.

If you want a thicker bar for a greater grip or hold, you may go for a maximum of 2’’ to 2.25” pull up bar diameter. If you go for 2”, it might increase your grip strength, but you may feel it a little challenging while you pull up.

It is not recommended to go beyond 2.25” as it might lead to muscle damage in the long run.

What Is The Best Width For A Pull-Up Bar?

The best width for a pull up bar is approximately 70 to 80 cm. It may also depend on your arm’s length. Some of them might have shorter arm, and some may have longer ones. If you have a long arm and love to take wider pull-ups, it is recommended to go for 80 to 85 cm.

Are Door Frame Pull-Up Bars Good?

If you don’t want to drill any holes in your walls or ceiling, consider mounting it on a door frame so you can easily access it when needed. You can mount your pull-up bar to the door jambs or door frame and then work on it.

You’ll also need wood screws (or brackets) for your DIY pull-up bar. If you don’t have any lying around already, head over to Home Depot or Lowe’s and buy some!

Are Door Pull-Up Bars Safe?

Yes, of course. Door pull-up bars are mounted at a certain height that will not interrupt the door function and rarely hurt people crossing them. Just make sure that they are mounted perfectly so that they stay on. As a safety measure, do a periodical stability test.

I hope you are crystal clear on how to make a homemade pull-up bar. So, why wait? Create one, and hang in there! A fit body is in the making!

Are you new to workouts? Need help figuring out where to start? Here are the 12 most needed gym tips for beginners! Take a read before your workout mission!

Get more of Health and Fitness information and guidance from our “Health and Fitness” section!


In this article, we have covered the steps on how to make a diy pull up bar at home and outdoor. You can also use PVC pipes and fittings to build your diy pull up bar to do exercises such as dips, chin-ups, and more in your home.

Did you discover any new methods to create a pull-up bar? Kudos Bro! Share it with our peers and us!

Aurelia Antonitte

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