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Does Waxing Your Nose Hair Hurt? Benefits Of Waxing Nose Hair

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We know how exciting you would be if you are going on a date. You would be styling from tip to toe and grooming yourself to the fullest to appear perfect and handsome.

But it would be vain if some unnecessary hair popped out from your nose area. Ouch! That is the nose hair. “Can I pluck it?” your mind may ask. But your sense would not go for it. 

You know that you can trim your nose hair effectively, but do you know that you can wax your nose hair? Astonishing and Embarrassing, isn’t it? Not any more.

This blog will help you understand waxing the nose hair, benefits of waxing nose hair, how often to do it, nose waxing results, and its safety limits. Give a smooth read to know more about it and appear before your loved ones like a well-groomed man. So, here we go.

Here are the Benefits of Waxing Your Nose Hair

  1. Better than Nose trimming
  2. Low risk of injuries. (Only if done by a trained expert)
  3. Smooth skin texture.
  4. Low growth of hair
  5. Financially practical
  6. Less itchy
  7. Less painful process

What Is Nose Waxing?

People prefer nose trimming and nose waxing when they think that nose hairs might disturb their grooming hygiene.  

Nose waxing is similar to other waxing procedures. Still, unlike other waxing methods, it should be done only by professionals or waxing experts to prevent lacerations or inner wounds in your nose. Nose waxing is the process of removing the hair from your nostril. The nose is the prime spot for bacteria, and eliminating nostril hairs might lead to inner wounds that could lead to bacterial infections. 

Nose Hair Waxing

Keeping that in mind, visiting your waxing expert now and then will also cause inner wounds despite being done by a professional. So, it is best if you know how often you should wax your nose hair. 

How Often To Wax Nose Hair? 

It is not a good idea to wax your nose hair often. Generally, you can do it periodically like, every three to four weeks. On other occasions, if you are about to go to a party or outdoor events, you can trim your nose hair rather than simply waxing your nostril.

The Nostril region is soft compared to the others, and it is susceptible to injuries. So, it is best to give it some time to recover after your nose waxing to keep your nose health in check. 

Nose hair plays a significant role in maintaining your overall health. It acts as an air filter and prevents unwanted debris and other foreign particles from entering your nose. Waxing your nose hair away will attract all the dirt and debris into your nose, thereby affecting your lung health in the long run. It also helps you retain the moisture in your body, keeping your body cool and composed.

Nose waxing does have its undeniable benefits. But before jumping into it, let us discuss how nose waxing works.

How Does Nose Waxing Work?

Nose hair removal or nose hair waxing is a painful process. Here is how it works

  1. The hard wax is applied to the small wooden applicator. 
  2. The wax is left to cool for some time.
  3. The ball will be inserted into your nose up to a particular length for safety reasons. ( Only a trained nose waxing expert knows about the insertion length. So, it is best to avoid DIY and reach an expert for your nose waxing.)
  4. It is left inside for a couple of minutes and then pulled out, bringing out the nose hair and the wax and the ball. 

Some report that the nose waxing is not as painful, but the toleration level differs from person to person. If you think that nose waxing is a painful process or have experienced such pain, you can go for a partial waxing procedure that removes the hair along the edges of the nostril alone, making you look groomed enough for the occasion.

As we have discussed some of the shortcomings of nose waxing and why you need nose hair, it is essential to know some benefits of waxing your nose hair.  

Benefits Of Waxing Nose Hair

  • Lasts longer  – Nose hair removal or nose waxing is a process that pulls the hair from the root region thereby lasting longer than the nose trimming. It saves time as you need not worry about your nose hair for a considerable time. 
  • No cuts or nicks – Nose waxing hardly produces any kind of cuts or nicks as it is uprooted from the root region. Hence, there are significantly fewer chances of getting any kind of scars, especially if you are susceptible to skin discoloration from a minor cut. 
  • Slow Growth of Hair – Hair in any region grows around 0.3 to 0.4 mm every day. Nose hair is shorter, and hence it grows only to a certain extent. Nose hair waxing makes it grow slower and more delicate.
  • Nose Waxing results in a smoother texture of skin than trimmed which makes your skin rougher or harder. You can expect smoother nose waxing results only if it did with the assistance of the nose waxing experts. You can prefer DIY only if you have a trusted nose waxing kit.
  • Quick and less painful – There has been a misconception that nose waxing is a painful procedure. Yes, it may be painful for some, but it differs based on the toleration level of the individual.
  • Less itchiness – Nose hair waxing or nose hair removal makes the hair regrowth slower, leading to less itchiness.
  • Financially practical – Nose trimming at regular intervals will cost you more (either you go for a salon or use your kit) than just waxing it once. Once you wax, it will take at least three to four weeks for full nose hair growth, reducing financial and manual effectiveness.

Nose waxing for ingrown hairs: Is this the best option?

Nose hair waxing is the worst option when it comes to removing the ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are when the hair regrows in the area but inside the skin. They may appear as rounded bumps or lesions, or embedded hairs. 

Is Nose Waxing Safe?

Yes. Only if you prefer your waxing treatment with a trained nose hair waxing expert. If you are thinking about any DIY methods to remove your nose hair, it is pretty dangerous as your skin might lead to lacerations followed by bacterial infections. 

Many people are threatened about nose hair waxing due to the high level of pain it might inflict on them. But if you ask – “Does waxing your nose hair hurt?” the opinion would differ.

For some, it might be painful, but for others, it is not much of a painful procedure. If you are a sensitive person who cannot tolerate pain, then you should not look for nose hair waxing. You can opt for either nose hair trimming. Wait, there are other methods in which you can remove your nose hair. 

Other Popular Nose Hair Removal Methods

  1. Laser Nose Hair removal – Laser nose hair removal is possible for a longer-term reduction in hair growth. However, it is a contentious issue. It might harm your nose’s lining and mucous membranes if done incorrectly. Only a specialist, such as a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist, can do laser nose hair removal. Before undergoing the treatment, you should have a consultation to ensure that it is right for you.
  2. Nose Hair trimming – Trimming is the simplest and most secure approach on our list. Purchase a pair of nose hair scissors and trim any hairs escaping or poking through the edge. You can also use manicure or cuticle scissors, but they’re sharper, and you risk nicking the inside of your nose, leaving an exposed wound that could become infected.

Final Words

Nose hair waxing is one of the best methods to keep your nose well-groomed. Considering the benefits of nose hair, you can go for nose hair removal or nose hair waxing once every month to avoid lacerations, injuries, and other health complications.

Still having the question – Does waxing your nose hair hurt? Cool, You can opt for other nose hair removal methods like nose hair trimming, laser nose hair removal, etc. Happy grooming, fellas!

Frank Adonis

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