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How To Choose Your Beard Style? Short Beard Styles for Men

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A study conducted by Dixson and Vasey in 2012 says that women find men with beards to be of higher social status. This might have led to men searching for the best beard styles in 2022.

In ancient times, a beard signified strength, dignity, wisdom, and of course, manliness. The longer the beard, the longer the characteristics. This generation follows the vintage trend, but there are several factors to consider while growing a beard for styling. 

Indeed, there are many ways to grow your facial hair and create more than 60 types of styling your beard, but you should know how to choose yours to make your beard fit your face. Just scroll down to know more about trendy short beard styles for men in 2022.

Start Self Examining

Obviously, men with beards look excellent by default, but this statement works only if there is a natural beard. If you have sparse hair on your face, then it is better to give up on the idea of having a beard. If you have thicker hair on the chin or temples and jawline, a goatee and chinstrap beard will be better.  Your hairstyle also plays a major role in your beard type. If you are having a fade hairstyle, a short boxed beard or a corporate beard would be a great option. All you need to do is to self examine 

1. Your hair type.

2. Your face type.

Hair Type Analyzation

Thick Beard

You have more options. If you have a nice and thick hair type, you will have a handful of options to go with. You need to grow it long and shape it to your wish.

Patchy Beard

If your beard is patchy, keep it short. If the nature of your hair type is patchy and sparse, it is a natural option because a patchy beard is one of the best short beard styles for men. Stand aloof as a limited edition.

Face Type Analyzation

After looking at whether you have a patch or thick facial hair, it is time to look out for your face type. While choosing your beard style, you also need to consider your hairstyle.

Oval Face

If you have an oval face, your facial hair alternatives are boundless. Short stubbles, long Beard, or full Beard – All look great on a man with an oval face. Here are some facial hairstyles for men with oval face.


A mustache that covers your whole top lip 

3-day stubble facial hair 

A firmly managed facial hair growth mimics three days of stubble is the best facial hair shape for an oval face. 

Horseshoe mustache 

A mustache with long bars pointing lower 

Unique stache 

A managed mustache that sits simply over the top lip

Round Face

The right facial hairstyle for your round face will kick your styling game up a score. Thin your face with a calculated shave along your cheekbones. Keeping the hair full on your jaw will likewise help. Coming up next are some facial hairstyles for men with a round face.

Goatee Beard

A full goatee with disengaged mustache is an ideal facial hair growth style for a round face that you can wear for a total look. 

Short Boxed Beard

A short facial hair growth with thin, perfectly trimmed sides is one of the mainstream facial hairstyles for a round face that can supplement you well. 

Balbo Beard

A facial hair growth without sideburns and a managed, floating mustache is a facial hair growth for a round face type that you can wear cleverly for establishing a long-term connection. 

Anchor Beard

The anchor facial hair is a sharp facial hair growth that follows the facial structure, combined with a mustache. 

Square Face

The square face type has an obvious outline that can look faultless. There are different approaches to upgrade a square face by growing facial hair growth that supplement it. Picking the right facial hairstyle for a square face will give you that smart look.

Keeping your facial hair short on the sides and more full on your jaw will help you exploit your square facial structure. You can shave or manage with sharp and exact lines close to your cheekbones.

Circle Beard

A chin patch and a mustache that frames a circle is an ideal facial hair growth style for a square face. 

Image credits: manual.com

Royale Beard 

A mustache secured by a jaw strip is outstanding amongst other facial hairstyles for a square face. You can also create your royal beard in a goatee beard format. 


A little facial hair growth that lengthens along the jaw 

Image credits: Google Images.

Petite Goatee 

A little facial hair growth that extends along the jaw

Rectangle Face

With a square-shaped face, you must be cautious with a couple of things because the face is longer than it is wide. You need to keep away from hairdos and facial hairstyles that make your head look longer and skinnier.”

Keep your facial hair more limited on the bottom and more on the sides to show your strong facial structure.

Mutton chops beard

Long sideburns that interface with a mustache 

Gunslinger beard and mustache

Image credits: Google Images.

Erupted sideburns combined with a horseshoe mustache 

Chinstrap style beard

Image credits: Google Images.

Facial hair growth with no mustache that circles the jawline

With the above guidelines, you will choose beard styles that will suit you.

Final words

This could help you to get your desired short beard styles in 2022. Choose your beard wisely because it is one of the aspects that could define your style.

Aurelia Antonitte

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