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7 Cool Sunglasses Styles For Men 2022 - Manivorous
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7 Cool Sunglasses Styles For Men 2022

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Sunglasses are cool. Men’s sunglasses come up with some updates in their styles and appearances that make them trendy and fashionable. Sunglasses for men give an upgrade to a guy’s appearance just making heads turn when he walks in. 

You may think sunglasses are for summer. That is right. But when it comes to fashion, sunglasses for men are an undeniable accessory. Sunglass manufacturers and designers have never failed to amuse us with updated styles and trends. It is one of the prominent ways to make you attractive.

This blog will provide you with the utmost knowledge about various types of shades for men that can help you to choose the best out of them. Let us dive into it.

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses makes you cool, manly, attractive, and handsome. Think of a look when you wear a bomber jacket top and jeans bottom riding your bike with aviator coolers. That is amazing, right? Why is it not? Aviators give you a cool hero look than any sunglasses would. You know what, Aviator sunglasses can fit any kind of face type irrespectively. 

But it has been modified based on the trends. The teardrop eye lens seems to be classic, but it is now in the fashion as people prefer a vintage style with a modern look. The double-bar bridge is yet another kind of attraction.  Aviators do provide you with a rich and classy look for triangular face types with a sharp jawline.

D-Frame Sunglasses

Are you a man with a sharp jawline with a rectangular or round face? Then this sunglass type is for you. It is slightly oversized and covers your eyes very well (sometimes your eyebrows too-based on your face length) and gives you a classy look. D-frames are mostly suitable for all kinds of face types but fit well for round faces as other types of sunglasses are not favorable for round faces.

If you think Louis Vuitton sunglasses (d-frame) are a kind of 3d glass type, then you can try Gucci sunglasses. 

Wayfarer Sunglasses

What do you think of when you say, “trend”? Yes, it is an update to the classic style with a tinct of modern style. And these wayfarer sunglasses are a definition of that. Do you know why? Wayfarers have been in the trend since the 1980s and still rule the sunglass style. 

Wayfarer sunglasses are slender and have attractive temples with silver rivets. In some, you can find plastic or metal rivets based on contemporary fashion. To be short, it is a traditional style applied with contemporary technology and fashion to make it look more modern and appealing. Wayfarer fits all kinds of faces, but it is best suitable for oblong face types.

Metal Sunglasses

If you are attracted to rare metals, then this kind of sunglasses is for you. Metal sunglasses are the most effective and the most loved ones. They are unique and they do not have any thick temples and frames. They are slim and attractive with a light metal. You may think that clip-ons are out of style. But it is not. It looks nice if you wear a casual suit with a clip-on sunglass, you will look like a modern-vintage fusion. If you want yourself to get projected as an aggressive and rugged style person, then you can choose the metal sunglasses. It suits well for those men who have a wide face.

Classic Clubmasters

Classic fashion lovers do not need to look for the best shades for men hereafter. Especially with the presence of classic clubmasters. Those cateye-like styles in both the ends of the sunglasses is exclusively special. 

You know what? Rayban sells more of their classic clubmaster sunglasses than other styles like wayfarers, aviators, etc. Classic clubmasters are the best sunglasses summer could ever spend with. 

They carry a prestige of professionalism, retro along with the culture. As the name suggests, they are exponentially classic.

Shell-Based Sunglasses

If you are a street-style kind of guy, you will definitely need a unique representation with regard to your dressing style. Don’t worry. The shell-based sunglasses can come to the rescue. 

You can modify the shell or frame at your convenience and wear them. It is not exclusively focussed on street style to be exact. You can use shell sunglasses during casual parties like office parties or beach parties. Make sure that it fits the outfit you wear.

Geometric sunglasses

The best sunglasses in 2021 gets fulfilled by the trend of geometric sunglasses. Now, it is 2022, and the trend still continues. Nothing is more unique to wear than a pentagon or other geometric shape-based sunglasses. It is cool and fits all the sharp jawline and oval-faced types. The name may differ based on the edges the glasses have. The glasses with five faces are pentagon sunglasses and those with six faces represent hexagon. ( I do not have a copyright-free one right now. But soon I will upload a quality pic for this one…lol)

Wrapping up

Sunglasses would enhance your look and make you appear more masculine unless you choose the best one that suits your style, face type, and attitude. So choose your sunglasses wisely and look like a fashion model all day long. 

Aurelia Antonitte

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