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15 Ways For Men To Look Attractive: Level Up Guide - Manivorous
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15 Ways For Men To Look Attractive: Level Up Guide

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You will never get a second chance to make a first impression

Will Rogers, an American actor, said this quote long ago. Whatever the situation, If you are confident with your outlooks to make a good first impression, there is no way to lose your cool.

Naturally, not all men are born handsome. Some would undergo surgery or take up therapy. Despite these methods, there are plenty of other ways to groom yourself to look attractive. Let us explore the scientifically proven 15 ways to groom yourselves.

Growing a beard:

One of the most attractive factors for men is facial hairs. If you are clean-shaven, try growing a beard. A 2016 stat says women found guys with heavy stubble look attractive. The term heavy stubble is nothing but a 10-day beard. Facial hairs also represent maturity and masculinity.

If you want to be a gentleman, you got to forget razors!

Wear sunglasses:

No wonder men look hotter and more attractive by wearing sunglasses. It not only makes you look attractive but also covers up the facial asymmetry.

There are many shapes, colours, sizes and brands of sunglasses for men. Spending time to pick up suitable sunglasses for your eyes is a worthy option. There are several sunglasses styles for men in 2022, so be wise and pick yours that suits your style.

Keep your chin up:

It shows that many women like masculinity and genetic strength. Your jawline and defined cheekbones could present you a little hotter. Holding your head up a little and keeping your chin up could create a great first impression.

Work on facial exercises to tone your facial bones and jawline.

Presenting yourself:

Be it a party, hangouts or family gatherings, present yourself in a neat and decent suit. Always wear perfect sized suits for your measurements, not an inch more or less. Also, some study shows, owning expensive cars seeks more attention than owning regular cars.

The wolf pack:

Having an entourage can bump up your attractiveness among the crowd. Men appear attractive when you have a pack of guys. The perspective cancels out any ugliness in you when you are in the group.

Travelling with friends not only cancels out the ugly outlook but also enhances the good vibes around you. After all, people could pity you for being alone at gatherings or any meetings.

Be an actual nice guy:

Selfish people are annoying. No women seek uncaring men to be in a relationship. A study from the University of Guelph and Nipissing University shows girls find selfless men attractive. Be a nice guy, respecting colleagues, caring for your girlfriend, covering the dinner bills, being involved in social activities, donating blood, etc.

Well, self-less people get laid more than guys with many girlfriends. So, that is the evidence, be a nice guy on your next date.

Have some humour:

Nobody likes a long face, whatever the cause. Make decent jokes and keep her happy. Science says the ability to make someone laugh makes you attractive. Everyone would want a funny guy to be around. The ability to make people laugh urges people to be around you.

Smile slowly:

You know what; a slow smile could make you look attractive. Some studies show that men who let a smile spread across their face slowly look a little hotter than men with smiley faces.

Yes, hard times for men. The smile matters, do it very slooowww!

not skinny, not bulky:

Bulky muscles and bodybuilding are too mainstream nowadays. Being skinny is not also a solution. Aware of your food habits and get proper nutritious food. Maintain a healthy diet and workout without skipping any sessions.

Just remember that girls find super jacked guys attractive.

Apparently, You should buy a guitar:

 Hell yeah, guys with guitars are hot. Damn hot!

If you are a guitarist, you know how it feels to be around people who love music. Yes, not even toned guys get this much attraction. Better start learning how to play guitar, not tambourine, not a violin!

Pickup lines

Seriously guys, don’t just google it!

The girls deserve more than a google search. Keep it crispy and fashionable. Men approaching women in a normal way are a thousand times hotter and attractive than cheesy pickup lines. A horrible pickup line could turn your date into a disastrous evening.

Get a dog :

Dogs are cute, no cap!

So as the men owning one. A study shows that guys with dogs more likely get a phone number from a pretty girl. Poor dudes with no dogs are pathetic. Go get some puppy friends guys.

Open body posture:

Never discomfort yourself while travelling in public transportation. A study from the UK shows that men who are comfortable with their open body posture are more attractive.

But manspreading on a train is a big no !

Smell good :

It is one of the common personality factors. Just dressing well is not enough, the smell matters. Our body sweats and it gets worse if you have not got any fragrance. It not only gives you self confidence but also makes the people around you smell better.

Never let your scent burst into the room, keep it light and effective.

Walk confident:

Despite all the other factors, self confidence is the key. Ladies usually find guys attractive when they have a confident outlook. So, work on perfecting your walk and stand confident at all times.

Last but not least, Always walk into the room like you own everything.

Frank Adonis

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Table of Contents

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