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Popular fandom: Cole Sprouse-Riverdale - Manivorous
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Popular fandom: Cole Sprouse-Riverdale

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Are you a Netflix freak? If yes, kudos! I hope you would have watched Riverdale. And if you do not get cole Sprouse, you can get him if I say “ Jughead Jones.” Got it, right? Who would not be! Riverdale is one of the best high school thriller series that any OTT platforms have. Here, in this blog, I am going to have a small talk about the serpent king covering all dimensions.

Character summary

We could not resist loving him because of his character portrayal. He is

  1. A young and handsome boy with a militant attitude struggle for the liberation of their community -Southside.
  2. Being called by various names, he preferred to call himself Forsethye Pendleton Jones – III after realizing he belonged to the FP clan.
  3. He plays a unique role in Riverdale as he works along with Betty cooper like an FBI to thread out some buried truths. You know what, the team wins every time despite landing themselves in trouble.

Did the Jughead Jones come across the Alien that night? Will he untie this mystery that has occasionally been happening since Pop’s adolescence? Ohhh.We should have to wait to know about it.

Character Description

An attractive character who reflects the knowledge, critical thinking, leadership, love, and care for his community and beloved ones. Be it New York or Riverdale; he retains his virtues at any cost.

Jughead Jones family

Grandparents – FP Jones I (paternal grandfather). No information about other grandparents.

Father – FP Jones

Mother – Gladys Jones

Sister – Jellybean Jones

Half Brother – Charles Smith

Girlfriend – Betty Cooper

Who is Jughead Jones?

Jughead Jones is an introvert who dives into the world of Riverdale mystery and takes the responsibility to clean up the mess by his tactical and knowledgeable actions. Being a friend of Archie Andrews, who is known for his fierceness and non-thinkable attitude, without Jughead Jones, it is still a doubt that most of the mystery would have got untied.

He has been through a lot like his friends, but his kind of battle is for a normal lifestyle that his friends have been ravishingly living for. He fights for his people, fights against the snake charmer, and becomes the serpent king. Situations pushed him that led to his transfer to Stonewall prep from Riverdale High. He realized who he really was, solved the mystery there, eliminated the Gryphons and Gargoyles, and bought peace to Riverdale once again. Without his friends and his community, he could not have achieved this much.

Love Life

It is bliss to see a character like Jughead Jones falling in love. But it happened. It may be because of the confusion and dilemma in the relationship between Archie and Betty when Archie kissed Veronica. But it strengthened further that even during the confusions in Stonewall prep. It has to be admitted that it becomes stronger when they cross kissed among the couples while meeting the lodge’s lodge.

Love is eternal, and an unexpected love bond is a bliss, which is why Juggy’s love is unique.

Early life

Being caught in a black hole of an alcoholic father, his mother, and his sister have been staying away, he is like a person who had nothing to lose. And that is what would have made him do amazing things like publishing bold things in Blue and Gold and joining hands with Betty cooper to untie the mystery revolving around Riverdale. But life turns around for everyone, right. FP jones became the Sheriff, and he started to live with his girlfriend in the same house as their parents were living together. But have it solved all the mystery. No. The Black Hood, Gryphones, and Gargoyles, and now the arrival of Aliens, are still becoming an interesting thread of mystery. It is well-known that he is writing the novel about Riverdale and its mysteries, and we have to wait until he finishes it in the upcoming seasons, I hope.


  1. Cool
  2. Composed
  3. Focussed
  4. Loving and caring
  5. Liberation and administrative capabilities.

How to dress like Jughead Jones? Jughead Jones Fashion

  1. T-shirt ( Black or Navy blue)
  2. Blue flannel shirt
  3. Hoodie (Mostly black or denim)
  4. Denim Jeans ( Blue or dark color)
  5. Black boots
  6. A cap ( don’t forget)..lol

Aurelia Antonitte

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