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Boost your Immune system

How To Keep Your Immune System Strong? #1 Resource For You

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Despite the illness producing bacterias and microorganisms, we are healthy because of our immune system. Our immune system does a splendid job resisting the infiltration of dangerous microorganisms and evolves itself. However, sometimes it fails and that is what makes us sick. It might be due to our food habits like taking fast foods or smoking, or even it might be due to other environmental or genetic factors. The question is – Is it really possible to boost your immune system?

The idea of boosting your immune system might be tempting, but in general, our immunity system is not a single entity, it requires both physical and mental health. Researchers are still working on the relation between the immunity boost and the lifestyle. Here are some tips to boost your immune system in a natural way. 

Sleep Tight

Shut down your laptop and sleep tight for at least 8 hours a day. You might wonder, how just getting enough sleep boosts our immunity. It is indeed scientifically proven. People who had less than 6 hours of sleep will probably be sick of cold or any sort of Illness. Getting quintessential sleep can help you recover the energy you lost and also boosts your health physically and mentally. 

Wait, so 8 hours for all age groups? No.  Physicians suggest adults sleep at least 7 hours or more. While the teens have to sleep at least 9 hours and the infant has to sleep at least 14 hours a day.  

Eat Well, Feel Well

If you are a fitness freak, you probably know the importance of good food and maintaining a healthy diet. Eating healthy foods will maintain your body’s fat content and keep you active throughout the day. Foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. Your immune system will have an advantage in fighting all the pathogens if you are taking nutrients rich foods. It will help your gut microbiomes to enhance the immunity of your body. Some doctors say that taking fruits and vegetables can actually reduce the duration of common cold.

How to Keep your Immune system strong?

Eating Sugar? No Papa

Eating excessive added sugars leads to obesity. It means you have more chances of getting sick. Cutting down the added sugars in your diet helps you in weight loss which means you have less risk of chronic heart diseases. Speaking of sugars, type II diabetes will weaken your health and your immunity tends to fail. So limiting your sugar intake can directly or indirectly help you boost your immune system. 

Run, Boy, Run:

Do you jog at least? You should schedule a time for your body to stretch and sweat to detox itself. Exercising on a particular level consistently can boost your immune system effectively. But, On the flip side, engaging intense exercise can lead to a drop in your immune levels. A recent study shows that taking up regular exercise can actually help your immune cells regenerate regularly. You can either do home workouts or cardio sessions like brisk walking, cycling or jogging. 

Stay Hydrated:

When did you last drink water? We live in a digital world and we often forgot to do the most simple and effective way to keep us healthy. Some of us require a water reminder application. Pfft, whether you are working or just chilling at home, your body needs certain water levels to assist you in your basic tasks. It will not directly contribute to boosting the immune system yet, it will keep your body healthy at its best. Besides, water is literally zero calories, you won’t gain weight by consuming enough water.

Hunt Down Your Stress Factors:

Psychologists say that prolonged mental stress can suppress your immune levels, particularly for men. You can cancel out these stresses by involving activities like meditation, yoga, journaling, joining a gym, or just anything that keeps your mind in a peaceful state. If you are engaged in a hectic job that doesn’t care about your mental health, you should consult a therapist. There isn’t anything more valuable thing than your mental health. So, you should not hesitate to work on reducing the stress factors that will help your body to boost your immune system, spiritually at least.  

Closing Thoughts:

Even though there are no proven medicines to boost your immune system, you can adapt to a healthy lifestyle by implementing the above techniques. You are not assured of an instant immune boost, but you get to live a healthy life by avoiding sugary drinks, staying hydrated, working out when it is essential, and having a healthy diet.

Arhasi Marcel

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Table of Contents

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