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How to Wear Men's Overalls?

How to Wear Men’s Overalls? Is It Old-Fashioned?

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Question from Alex Cummins

Men’s overalls, or Dungarees (as it was locally called), is the most prominent workwear fashions in the early 90s in the United States. It is still seen in some vintage fashion photoshoots. But we cannot deny its existence as it grabs a favorable place in men’s fashion. 

Men’s overalls are among the best summer fashion essentials for casual streetwear fashion. They are available in prints and colors, but the most desired one is the denim overalls. If you are a crazy vintage fashion guy and love to try men’s dungarees, the question that arises in the minds of recent fashion models or social media influencers is “ How to wear Men’s overalls?”. And here is the answer. 

To answer straight away, there are several ways that you can wear your overalls – Over the button-down, under-over, strapped trend, printed and colored overalls, and denim fashion. Here we are about to discuss them briefly to help you wear your ethnic rough and tough workwear to show your masculine dressing sense.

Fashionable Ways To Wear Men’s Overalls

There are three primary fashionable ways to style your overalls – Buttoned up, one strap locked, and undone style.

Buttoned up – This is the conventional way to wear your dungarees. A printed or denim overalls with a crew-necked shirt and your leather shoes is one of the finest classic ways to wear your overalls.

One strap locked – The best way to picturize the one strap locked overall is Will Smith in his The Fresh Prince of the Bel Air. Yes, a rounded striped t-shirt and one-strapped overall with casual Nike shoes will be the right fit. You can also wear a crew-necked shirt for one-strap-locked men’s overalls.

Undone – This is one of the finest and the most modern approaches to wearing your overalls and still appears like 20’s fashion. An undone overall with a plain rounded tee and black boots will make the best men’s overall fashion.

Some Other Ways to Wear Men’s Overalls

As discussed earlier, you can style your overalls or dungarees in some other unique fashionable ways.

Fit overalls 

This might be a bit odd. Overalls are for men who love the loose fit, but it is not the rule. You can still go for slim pants tailored and fitted double strapped overalls that stick to your body. This is an unusual yet unique way to style your overalls for urban street fashion wear. 

Overall with a flannel or formal shirt

Image credits: Indiewire.com

Do you want to be “The Power of the dog?”. Yes, those who have seen that movie would have experienced the fashion sense in the early 80s to late 90s. An overall with a formal shirt buttoned up and a cowboy hat suits you well for Benedict Cumberbatch and would do so for you. You can style this overall with a flannel shirt and boots too.

Printed Overalls

Printed overalls have never been a vintage style. But for a modern approach, you can go for printed overalls, but make sure you keep the patterns to the minimum. Enormous Patterns or colors will make your overalls more occupied by colors, thereby losing their uniqueness. 

These are some ways to wear your overalls.


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