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Best Pillow for Neck Pain

How To Choose The Best Pillow For Neck Pain

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Ouch! that pain in my neck!. I am unable to move my neck. Has that happened to you?

We all know how bad is neck pain. It will keep you uncomfortable the whole day and make you less productive in the office. There may be many reasons for your neck pain – You would have done some lousy gym exercises, wrong yoga position, sudden jerk in the neck due to some external cause. But the main reason behind neck pain is your sleeping position on your bed. 

Yes, keeping your neck in a bad posture on your bed for six to eight hours makes you uncomfortable and will give you neck pain. Maybe you are keeping your neck comfortable on the bed, and your pillow is unsuitable for your neck position. Many people wonder that if they sleep on a good mattress and use a good quality pillow, why do they have neck pain? Well, they do not know that they are using the wrong pillow for their sleep.

You would have come to know about many neck pain relief pillows. But how to choose the best pillow for neck pain according to your sleep position? If that is your question, this blog is for you.

Back Sleeping Position

Your face is towards the ceiling in this sleeping position, and your back touches the whole bed. Keep your pillow length low so that your neck does not feel the weight of your head.

You can also use a towel roll and put it below your neck to support your neck, or you can buy a specially designed pillow for the back sleeping position. 

Side Sleeping Position

If you are the person who sleeps in a side position, you will notice that your neck feels the pressure due to the head weight. In this case, you should use a higher-length pillow so that your head gets support from the bed, and your neck should not feel the weight of your head. You can also use your shoulder to support your head so that your head and neck come in a straight position. You can buy a pillow specially designed for the person who sleeps in the side position.

Stomach Sleeping Position

In this position, your whole stomach faces the bed, and your back is towards the ceiling of your home. This position is not medically advisable as it would lead to mild to severe neck pain. If you are sleeping and it is hard to change your sleeping habit, you should use a flat pillow or no pillow for your head. It is because, in this position, your neck and head come straight naturally, and the neck does not have to bear the weight of the head. If you are planning to buy a suitable pillow for this position, you can buy a flat pillow.

Sleeping On The Chair

Nowadays, many people take small naps on their working chairs during their break time due to hectic schedules. It is okay if you use your chair for relaxation for 10 to 15 minutes, but for a long time, like one or two hours, you should use some support to your neck. It will be best for you to use a Horseshoe-shaped pillow. It will keep your neck comfortable for long time naps.

Pillow Types Based on Your Body Types

There are many different types of pillows according to person’s body type

Cervical pillows

This pillow comes in big sizes, and they are specially designed to give relaxation to the whole body. Many people also use this type of pillow to keep their spines straight. Many orthopediatricians suggest this type of pillow for neck and spine health.

Feather pillows

This pillow is for people who regularly change their sleeping position during their sleep time. It gives you complete relaxation by changing its shape. Amazing right? Yes, the feather pillow can change the form according to your body requirement. You should consider it if you are the person who regularly changes their sleeping position at night.

Memory Foam pillow

This pillow is mainly designed to give complete relaxation to your head. This pillow will adjust according to your head shape so that your head will get maximum comfort. If your head is comfortable, there is less pressure on your neck, and so – “No Neck Pain.”


Selecting a perfect pillow can be hectic for the first time because it might be confusing and stressful. The above information would help you choose your best pillow for neck pain according to your sleeping position and body type. This is not a medical solution. So, it is essential to seek the advice of an orthopediatrician also before choosing your best pillow for your neck pain.

Arhasi Marcel

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