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How Can I Act In A More Masculine Way

How Can I Act In A More Masculine Way?

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Question from Noah Schmidt

The technological world has made us human robots. We have made ourselves function like a personality machine and are confined to certain traits like being overly nice, lacking passion, feeling bored, being too involved in social media, etc. These habits create self-doubts which lead to these questions like “How to be more masculine?”. It is entirely okay. Let us answer your question in a concise manner.

What Is Masculinity?

Masculinity is a way of life that constitutes a set of attributes, behavior, and character traits of men. Masculinity is defined based on activities that compose strength and compassion. It is not always connected to physical strength but also mental strength that drives a fine character of a man. Remember, masculinity is not measured based on biological traits.

Why Is Masculinity Important?

Many people wrongly understand masculinity. A Man is not considered masculine only if he has the strongest arms, acts arrogant, and creates violence. A real man is the one who serves the society, uses this strength & compassion for righteous activities, develops and enthralls wisdom. 

What Constitutes Masculinity?

Masculinity constitutes a fair share of Responsibility, Self-Awareness, and Compatibility. Let me explain all three things in a detailed manner.

Responsibility – This is the most crucial trait of masculine men. Masculinity is not defined only by the strength of his muscles but also by the power of his word. The stronger he keeps his word and acts responsible, the more masculine he is. By being responsible, he earns the respect of his peers and colleagues, making him more confident and attractive. Do you want me to tell you about the testosterone levels that he gains when he is respectable, attractive, and loved? It multiples. 

Self-Awareness – When you first get to know yourself, what you want to pursue in your career, and what you want to do with your life, you become more masculine. Yes, with self-awareness comes compassion, behavior, and focus, which will lead you to nothing but success.

Compatibility – Being aggressive and violent is not masculinity. If you think that way, it is time to change that thought. There has been a misconception that lifting heavy weights and doing unimaginable things make you masculine. That is a complete myth. Real Masculinity lies in making things easy for other people and getting compatible with them. Masculinity is showing love with a tinct of responsibility. It might not be explicit, but it reflects for sure. You can experience the real masculinism in the love of your father.

Now let us get to the fundamental question

How To Be More Masculine?

Various things define masculinity. Some of the prominent ones are discussed below.

  1. Posture – Posture is vital for a man to appear more masculine. You should stand tall and straight, which pushes up the confidence and manliness. Just try it. Stand tall and straight and experience the pump of testosterone in your blood. 
  2. Be Present – You cannot propel masculinity if you are deaf ears or do not live at present. A man becomes masculine when he is keen on his present and responds to the most accurate and necessary situation in a timely manner.
  3. Be Responsible – You should accept the responsibility and take up your space. A responsible man is respected and considered more manly than a man who just obeys orders. Discipline is necessary, but you should capture the opportunity to take the lead in anything that comes your way.
  4. Overcome Your Fear – It is not true when some say real men do not fear or cry. No. A real man is the one who fights against himself and puts his step forward even when his heart screams out of fear. A man becomes more masculine when he takes up tough things and achieves or fails in them. 
  5. Hit the Gym – According to Harvard research, men who exercise regularly experience a boost in testosterone levels in their bodies compared to lazy men. Testosterone is the male hormone that enhances the qualities of a man and makes him more masculine naturally. After reading this, if you jump out of your couch, make sure you get expert gym tips for beginners before starting. This will save you from muscle cramps and over-enthusiasm.
  6. Look Into The Eyes – When you look into people’s eyes, you may miss out on what they are thinking (Because you are not a yogi), but you can expel dominance, discipline, and power. It makes you the perfect gentleman, and of course, it increases your masculinity traits.
  7. Talk with Clarity – A real man gets what he wants because he tells things with clarity. Clarity brings out confidence in you, and speaking in such a way helps you to get and achieve whatever you need in life and your career.
  8. Stop Reacting to Shit – You need to respond but not to all of them. A man focuses on what is necessary, responds to them, and avoids the noises around him. To put it simply, when you can be calm, composed, and prioritize things when you are in a land of chaos, you are more masculine than you think you are.
  9. Set Your Limit – A masculine man does not need to be compatible with everything. He puts a limit where he finds it intolerable so that he can stand up for himself. If you set up a boundary and stand up for yourself after a certain breakage point, you are more masculine and powerful than you think you are.
  10. Fashion and Grooming – Style and Responsibility maketh a man. Keep track of your fashion attributes and follow your way of fashion. Whatever the situation is, just dress up, show up, conquer the problem and come over with a winning quality. That is what masculinity is all about – Balls with a fashion sense.

These are the 10 attributes that you need to follow to act in a more masculine way.


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Arhasi Marcel

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