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Cool Simple Tattoo Ideas for Men

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Tattoos reflect transformation. They indicate self-evolution and rejuvenation. Tattoos should be a self-empowering decision to take up. Tattoos can be the best cover for your scars. 

Apart from that, Tattoos might make you more attractive than being a bare body. Some statistics from trusted sources indicate that men with tattoos are more likely to attract a woman and get her attention than other guys. Two-thirds of women are lured to men who have tattoos. The research carried out by a favorite dating app came out with a report that says 64 percent of women who stated a preference that they were looking to date men who have possessed some kind of permanent ink body art( tattoo).

Tattoos are Conversation Starters

Attractiveness and designs are secondary to keep an eye on. Good-looking tattoos make an excellent start for chit-chat. This might help you break the ice in social situations if you’re a bit shy to find reasons to talk. Men who stand for a cause look more attractive to women. And if you have a tattoo on it, congrats; you are a tough competition to others in your community.

Tattoos Make You The Tough Guy In The Room

Evolutionary biologists have inferred that tattoos are a way of giving a sign of how tough we are. In pre-industrial societies, tattooing is more painful and dangerous than in modern times. Penetrating needles into the skin exposes the recipient of a tattoo to infection, and only those who withstand pain are considered to have the strongest immune systems. The ones with zero infection can come out through the process with a healthier intact.

Right after years, when the person gets old, with skin folds or blotchy, the tattoos don’t seem attractive. Nonetheless, a minor and small hidden tattoo would imply less trouble and repent off. You know what, a tattoo boosts your immune system and immune response to any foreign bodies entering your system.

Tattoos To Attract Your Sweetheart

The reasonable size and promising tattoo design can make a man look attractive. And the placement of tattoos is crucial too. The upper hand, full back, or anywhere but the hands, hip, and neck can look good. However, tattoos are an instant turn-on in a potential partner! With almost a third of Americans having at least one tattoo, it seems that you’re not alone in finding body ink highly attractive. 

Important tip – Get your hottest body parts tattooed and choose the most adorable tattoo in the eyes of the opposite sex. Any tattoo on the upper arm and lower arm, lower back, chest, and shoulders on a man could detail you as hotter and sexier.

Commemorative Tattoo: What Is It?

These tattoo inks are made with the cremated ashes of your beloved one, which is totally your choice. In the tattoo industry, they are commonly referred to as ritual or commemorative tattoos. A pinch of cremated ashes is mixed with the tattoo ink to make it ash-infused. The ashes are sterile and have zero health hazards. Their propensity is generally not regulated by any law. The ash cum ink is then used in a tattoo gun, and a tattoo is pierced on the dermis layer of your skin.

Image source: Savedtattoos.com

Commemorative tattoos may not necessarily contain the names of their beloved with their birth date and death dates on them. It might also be a common tattoo design that covers their likes.

Types Of Inks Used In The Tattoo

Colors, tints, and pigments in tattoo ink can come from a different range of sources that include

  • Modern industrial organic pigments
  • Mineral pigments
  • Vegetable-based 
  • Plastic-based pigments. 

Most of these pigments contain a blend of metallic and organic ingredients in their injecting composition. Why not double up the sex appeal? Some of the other tattoos that were highly rated by women are tattoos like little graphic designs, birds, etc.

Now let us know about the three coolest tattoo styles in 2021. 

3 Cool Tattoo Styles For Men

  • Minimalist tattoo – Strength is the main motive of minimalist tattoos. They are eternally driven by simple, clean lines and make heavy use of skin space (uncolored area). The best tattoo for the stylish man is a minimalist tattoo on your back, which is bold and private, or on the inside skin of your wrist are signature places. 
  • Hand-poked tattoos:  The name suggests it doesn’t require a tattoo gun or a machine but is done bare-handed by attaching a needle to a rod-shaped element, like a pencil, to create a manual tattoo machine.  This practice is done only by professionals. Professionals say they are less painful and less intimidating. But know about your tolerance before getting your hand-poked tattoo.
  • The traditional /old school tattoos: The traditional tattoo is a combo of breathtaking colors and bold blacks.  Traditional tattoos gave rise to tribal tattoos, with each culture devoting its unique style. Prominent tribal tattoo designs include cultures of the Polynesian, Native Americans. Old school tattoos usually involve sophisticated patterns and can range from minor to entire body tattoos depending on customer customization. 


Tattooed men look more attractive to people, especially women.  Tattoos help you look more masculine, dominant, and aggressive to others. You might be the toughest guy in the room and you may get respect. The study on tattoos on men hypothesized that enduring the physical cost of getting a tattoo gestured higher testosterone. 

You know what, you can look hot and attractive without a tattoo, but a tattoo makes your work much easier. Act smart, fellas!!!

Arhasi Marcel

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