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11 Modern Ways to Wear a Denim Jacket

11 Modern Ways To Wear A Denim Jacket

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Any style icon takes the first lead on a Denim staple! Ever wondered why denim stands premier from vintage and yet on-trend? 

Be it a classy pairing or an Ivy League, a business mix, or a vaguely urban style, denim gives countless reasons to love. Denim jackets are versatile and suitable to apt an occasion. However, they pair well with almost every other garment that resides in the casual category of your wardrobe. These pairings can still be more or less exemplar.  Let us discuss 11 modern ways and styles to wear a denim jacket that makes you look unique and stylish.

Style 1: The Classic Catch

Blue denim is the classic style that is accepted overall. To throw a bit of personality and class, a pair of Ray-Ban glasses and a white shirt would work.  Keeping your outfit simple and monochromic is the complete style statement for a denim jacket outfit. This keeps things classic yet solely casual at the same time.

Style 2: Denim on Denim

A rugged denim jacket with a pair of trousers is a deadly combination and seamlessly an eye-catcher. Pair up a Denim jacket with any faded color, torn jeans, and combine a white sneaker or tennis shoes that could help you steal every girl’s eye. A double-denim outfit makes a great addition to a man’s casual wardrobe. It is generally a celebrity style of dressing. Add value to it by wearing some cool accessories.  

Style 3: Casual Wear

Pull up an outfit for a casual weekend? Pick a denim jacket of any color in contrast with a casual round neck tee shirt and our up with tan shorts or pants. Opt for the sneaker shoes and add little details like a beanie or a cap to add a dashing look on yourself. 

Style 4: Printed Denim

Top off your wardrobe with trendsetting printed denim, giving you the perfect funky look. To elevate the look pair of trousers and a loafer is all it needs. Grab the look on a casual tee on a day you hang out for drinks with your buddies. 

Style 5: Turtle Neck Combo 

Image credits: pinterest.com

Ever wondered why Steve jobs always pick a black turtle neck and denim trousers with a sneaker? It is a conventional style and gives an iconic look perfect for the office. This is a style statement that denim could enhance one’s looks. Club a plain black turtle neck and a denim jacket to give you a youthful look. Remind pairing it with classy white shoes. How would someone regret a date now? Thank me later!

Style 6: Office Style

Are you looking for a trendy yet professional enough costume for your office? Then league up your denim jacket with a blazer to give it a completely sophisticated look. Do you find it interesting to try new office wear? You must try wearing a motocross or a biker racer jacket that gives you a style jolt. They are formal and simple, suitable for men who enjoy simple yet classy pieces. Layering denim with leather or moto jackets keeps you safe from cold weather as well. 

Style 7: Sport Spirit

Denim doesn’t fall under activewear unless you go a jogger and denim on the run. Thumper denim and a pair of half trousers can color your look with a sporty style. Thumper denim just happens to make a damn-near-perfect corduroy collar jacket over a casual tee. 

Style 8: Workwear Cum Business Wear 

Who says formal wear must just be a shirt, trousers, and formal shoes? A good piece of workwear puts in a shift if you want to defend your old-school credentials. In chinos, quality craftsmanship meets reliability, and styling is perfect and cool that’s still exceptionally wearable. Strictly speaking, wear casual trousers with an easy-going pair of shoes, an olive green t-shirt or piece of knitwear, and a top with a denim jacket for an effortlessly cool look. This is one of the most effective ways to make yourself attractive.

Style 9: Long Denim Jackets

Image credits: Pinterest.com

Not every day is workwear, and not all weekend is casual wear. I am taking you to a complete 80s street style for a change. Pull out long denim jackets from your wardrobe and a beret cap to complete the look. You gotta layer it with a shirt, blazer, and a denim jacket with pants and sneakers. 

Style 10: Denim With Faux Fur 

Faux fur and denim go hand in hand. This outfit elevates your overall look with a borg collar and added warmth. Just pair it with a cool t-shirt and trim jeans and realize it’s party time to ping the guys. A sneaker can fill you in perfectly. 

Style 11: Throw Some Shades

It might sound obscure, but this is perhaps as good as any to start from. Smartness is more a course of the appearance of your clothing rather than its style. The denim jacket can easily be dual or triple layered up as cold weather combat in winter or left open with a single layer cool in spring. Apply variation in texture between pieces, adding visual interest to your layering without the need for bold colors or prints. For double denim, the rule of going dark for the jeans and lighter for the top or jacket is the most flattering way to go. 

If you got any more interesting ideas about wearing denim that could amaze us, our comment box is always open. You can connect with us via email too.

Frank Adonis

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Table of Contents

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